Wirraway gives kids confidence in classroom

Starting school can be a scary time for kids and parents alike.

Starting school can be a scary time for kids and parents alike. That’s why Wirraway has donated $1,300 to one of its closest neighbours, Thornton Public School, to trial a new initiative that prepares kids for the transition from preschool to kindergarten.

The school recently launched the first of three ‘Tadpoles’ programs; a school readiness program that aims to familiarise students with their teachers and campus prior to starting school.

‘Each of the six-week programs are fully booked and the program continues to grow in size,’ said Thornton Public School Relieving Principal, Graeme Oke. ‘The generous sponsorship from DHA and Wirraway helps make our pre-kindergarten orientation program one of the best in the Hunter.’

Mr Oke said that the benefits of the program far exceeded a simple orientation as it builds and fosters relationships between the children and gives them confidence in the classroom.

‘They just love wearing their ‘I’m going to big school’ t-shirt to show that they are a Tadpole,’ a local parent said. ‘They feel just like a big kid who goes to Thornton Public School.’

DHA’s Wirraway will one day be home to more than 500 families, many of which will have children attending Thornton Public School.

‘With hundreds of new families expected to call Wirraway home, DHA is committed to giving back to the community,’ said Development Manager, Gully Coote.

‘At Wirraway we are proud to help create a special place that promotes wellbeing, happiness and education.

‘Our commitment to the local area is long-term, supporting Wirraway’s residents as they move into their new homes and settle into the community.’

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