Wirraway donation child’s play

Thornton Public School students enjoying their new equipment.

A year after their play equipment was severely damaged in the one-in-500 year storm that hit the Hunter, Thornton Public School students are back in force on the playground.

As the school’s newest neighbour in the Thornton community, Wirraway helped the students swing, climb and slide again by donating funds to help replace the damaged equipment.

Principal of Thornton Public School, Mr John Millburn, thanked the team for the ‘generous donation’ and explained that the benefits of a new play area extended well beyond playtime.

‘The new equipment has made a substantial difference to the learning and playing opportunities of all Thornton students—it is not only used for play, it is also used to teach maths, writing, film making and science,’ said Principal Millburn.     

‘The equipment is used predominantly for the students in years two, three and four, although all classes have given the equipment a good test. We thank DHA for their generous donation.’

DHA’s ‘Wirraway’ development will one day be home to more than 500 families—many of which will have children that will attend Thornton Public School.

‘With hundreds of new families set to call Wirraway home, we’re committed to giving back to the community and are proud to help create a special place that promotes wellbeing, happiness and education,’ said DHA Acting Managing Director, Jan Mason.

‘Our commitment in the local area extends beyond bricks and mortar, stretching into the future as Wirraway’s residents move into their new homes and settle into the community.’

Wirraway in Thornton is a close-knit community setting the benchmark for sustainability and urban planning in the Hunter region.

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