After a sold out Stage one, the next land release at Wirraway is set to impress home owners looking for the perfect place to build. These perfectly placed lots overlook the natural parkland and are positioned to take advantage of the Stage three community park, which includes an aviation-themed play area, half-sized basketball court and fitness station.

These easy-build home sites offer wide frontages and are cleared, level and ready to build on now! Enquire today to find out more.

  • Lots from $214,000 – $242,000*
  • Fully serviced
  • Only $1,000 deposit required
  • Wide frontages
  • 25 minutes to Newcastle
  • NBN ready
  • Ranging from 450m2 – 719m2
  • Exclusive solar offer
  • Exchange on $5,000



200121 Barr Promenade675.517SOLD
201923 Barr Promenade471.515SOLD
202025 Barr Promenade517.815SOLD
202127 Barr Promenade462.715SOLD
202229 Barr Promenade519.417SOLD
20233 Ellis Street483.915.12SOLD
20245 Ellis Street451.214.1SOLD
20334 Ellis Street450.215.01SOLD
203431 Barr Promenade760.115.46SOLD
203533 Barr Promenade573.515.92SOLD
203635 Barr Promenade501.215.92SOLD
203737 Barr Promenade566.316.17SOLD
203839 Barr Promenade575.116.18SOLD
20393 McNamara Street794.131.81SOLD
20405 McNamara Street492.514.1SOLD
20417 McNamara Street454.714.1SOLD
20429 McNamara Street570.218.01SOLD
206011 McNamara Street629.420.5SOLD
206113 McNamara Street58919SOLD
2043McNamara Street554.115SOLD
2044McNamara Street52215SOLD
2045McNamara Street457.815SOLD
2046McNamara Street71940.43SOLD
2047Barr Promenade593.918.36SOLD
2048Barr Promenade493.118.12SOLD
2049Barr Promenade50818.12SOLD
2050Barr Promenade566.218.83SOLD
2051Barr Promenade587.219.05SOLD
2052Barr Promenade674.223.25SOLD
2053Barr Promenade476.716.12SOLD
2054Barr Promenade535.413.64SOLD
2070Barr Promenade49013.32SOLD
2071Barr Promenade45514.78SOLD
2072Barr Promenade458.614.51SOLD
2073Barr Promenade539.413.5SOLD
2086Barr Promenade538.412.51SOLD
2087Barr Promenade466.614.02SOLD
2088Barr Promenade452.814.05SOLD
2089Barr Promenade48912.59SOLD


*Colliers International and DHA do not guarantee, warrant or represent that the information contained in this advertising and marketing material is free from errors or omissions. Any interested parties should make their own enquiries, seek expert advice and review the contract terms. *Prices are subject to change.