17 blocks sold in first 30 minutes

Couples camped out in the rain last week to secure their dream block in the fifth and final land release at Wirraway.

The sales office turned into an impromptu neighbourhood party, with prospective buyers invited in from the cold while they waited to register for land in the new DHA community.

Seventeen of the 36 lots released were snapped up within the first 30 minutes, with one couple even sleeping overnight in their car to ensure they were first in line.

The tactic paid off for the first home buyers, Mr Cook and Ms Lyth, who secured a 670m2 lot. In an interview with the Newcastle Herald they revealed that fate had played a little hand.

‘We really liked the Wirraway estate but we just missed on the release before that, which in the end was probably a blessing in disguise because the new release that we did get is much more suited to us,’ Mr Cook said.

‘We were pretty lucky to get what they class as a parkland block that no one can ever build in front of us. It overlooks the water reserve.’

The couple lived at home with their parents so that they could knuckle down and save for their house deposit—they wanted to buy instead of rent and spent over two years saving.

‘We wanted a bit more financial security in the future to have our own place. We preferred the idea of paying our own house off rather than someone

Land in Wirraway has proven popular due affordability as well as its proximity to Newcastle.

‘It’s actually quicker to get there from town now than Cameron Park,’ Mr Cook said.

‘At peak hour it can take up to an hour to get home [to Cameron Park]. At the same time up to Thornton it’s about 25 minutes.’

The young couple bought their block for $262,000—locking it in with just a $1,000 deposit—and will build a home for approximately $340,000. They hope to be living in their new home by Christmas 2019.

Local property expert, Sam Budden, explained that the local market has remained strong despite cooling in Sydney.

‘Buyers are choosing to commit to the Hunter as they see demonstrated steady capital growth potential, backed up by increased job creation,’ Mr
Budden said.

‘Families are flocking to secure land in locations that not only offer close proximity to essential transport infrastructure, but also a genuine lifestyle improvement—and Newcastle and the Hunter offers that in spades.’

‘With land available from $245,000 people can sell their properties in the outer suburbs of Sydney, buy something up here, and not only have money in the bank, but also a much more appealing lifestyle with an easy commute to work in the Hunter region.’

To find out more about living in Wirraway call Sam today on 1800 891 958.

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